Thousand Trails: Camp for Free at RV Parks! 

Thousand Trails is an RV campground membership that allows members to camp for free at their locations all over the United States. 

Thousand Trails: Zone Pass

The zone camping pass is the entry level Thousand Trails membership level.  The pass allows campers to stay up to 14 nights for free at campgrounds in their zone.

Thousand Trails: Elite Basic

Elite Basic members have access to Thousand Trails campgrounds all over the country, and can stay up to 21 nights for free at each campground.

Thousand Trails: Elite Connections

Elite Connections members have all the benefits of Elite Basic members, but are able to make reservations further in advance.

Thousand Trails: Adventure

Adventure is the ultimate Thousand Trails membership with the longest reservation windows and ability to camp for longer at partner campgrounds.

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