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How To Remove Decals & Swooshes from an RV 

Follow this simple process to remove ugly decals and transform your RV's exterior!

Remove Decals using heat

RV decals can easily be removed by applying heat to help them easily peel off!

Option 1:

Step One:

Get Decals Hot

Starting at the end of a decal, hold you heat gun or hair dryer about an inch away and wave it back and forth.

Step two:

Peel Decals

Once the edge of the decal is hot, use your plastic razor blade to pry the edge of the decal off the RV.

Step Three:

Clean Adhesive

There will be sticky residue left behind. To remove, simply spray the Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover Spray.

Remove Decals with a tool

Vinyl decal remover wheels are made specifically to remove vinyl decals from RVs and other vehicles.

Option Two:

Step  one:

Attach Drill

Attach the wheel to your household drill and set the drill to the correct setting.

Step Two:

Remove Decals

Place the edge of the wheel against the decal. Power the drill on to rotate the wheel and move the wheel side to side across the decal.

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Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted. 

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