Is your RV Tap Water Safe to DrinK?

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Learn how to keep your RV fresh water clean, filtered and safe to drink!

Sanitize the Tanks

Always clean the RV fresh water tank on new RV, before seasonal storage, after not being used for a period of time and after contamination 

Sanitize the Tanks

Use water and bleach to clean the RV fresh water tank.  Flush until bleach smell is completely gone.

Filter Water 

Use an inline or exterior RV water filter to clean debris out of the water before it enters the RV.

Filter Water

Then, filter all drinking water with a Travel Berkey premium water filter before consuming.

Replace Filters

Even the best RV water filter won’t work without functional filter. Read the owner’s manual and track it’s usage, so you know when it needs to be replaced.

Check Water Pressure

Many RV water filters require a specific PSI to function properly.  To ensure the PSI is within the filter’s recommended range, use a water pressure regulator.


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