Is Renting an RV Cheaper than Buying One?

By: Travels with Ted Learn about the hidden costs of renting and buying an RV!

An RV rental cost between $800 to $2500 per week, which is more expensive than most monthly RV payments.

Monthly Payment

Most rentals cover repairs, but owners will need to budget $3k per year for maintenance and repairs.


Many RV rentals tack on additional fees for things like cleaning or driving extra miles. Owning doesn't have hidden fees.

Cleaning Fees

Both renters and owners will need a significant fuel budget for any extended RV road trip.

Fuel Costs

Owners need to buy tons of RV gear, but this necessary gear should be included with rental RVs.

RV Supplies

RVs are not leased like cars, so campers with bad credit may need rent an RV if they don't qualify for financing.

Is Leasing an Option?

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