Last Minute Christmas Gifts for RV Campers

Find the perfect ready-to-ship or downloadable gifts for RV owners.

Bring beauty to the RV owner's campsite with this awesome hummingbird feeder that can be delivered before Christmas. 

1. Hummingbird Feeder

Give RV owners the gift of experience with a Harvest Hosts membership. Use code FRIENDS30 for 30% Off.

2. Harvest Hosts Membership

This practical stocking stuffer can be purchased at any automotive store.  It is a perfect last minute gift for RV owners. 

3. Tire Gauge

There are tons of awesome custom gifts for RV campers that require time to make and ship.  Buy an Etsy gift card, so they can select their own gift. 

4. Etsy Gift Card

Gift them a road atlas so they can plan routes without internet. If it won't ship in time, head to the local truck stop to purchase one.

5. 2022 Road Atlas