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Plan an RV Camping Trip on a Small Budget

RV Gas Costs

To reduce RV diesel or gas costs, travel closer to home and use apps to find the best fuel prices on your route. 


TRavel locally

When gas prices are around $4, every 100 miles driven in an RV means at least $30 in extra costs. Local campgrounds mean a cheap RVing vacation.


Fuel Apps

All RVers should use apps, such as GasBuddy, to find the best gas or diesel prices on their route. Open the app the morning of your trip and scout out the best rates before leaving home.

FRee RV Camping

Instead of paying $50 per night to stay at an RV resort, utilize these free RV campsites!

One of the most common ways to camp for free is boondocking on public land. Boondocking is simply dry camping on undeveloped land.


Another way to save money on camping fees is to join RV discount and membership clubs. Our two favorite RV clubs for savings are Thousand Trails and Boondockers Welcome.

RV CLubs

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