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How To Unsightly RV Black Streaks! 

Follow this simple process to remove ugly black streaks from your camper.or RV.

What Causes RV Black Streaks?

Black streaks are caused by water from rain or the AC running down the surface of the RV exterior.


Step One:

Start with soap and Water

New black streaks and usually easily removed with a sponge dunked in soapy water.

Step two:

Use reliable one

For old, set-in black streaks use Reliable 1 cleaner to easily remove the ugly lines. 

Preventing RV Black Streaks

Now that you know how to clean black streaks, let's learn hot to prevent them. 

Section Two:

Tip one:

Clean the Roof

Keep the RV roof clean to prevent black streaks. If there is no dirt on the roof, then there won’t be dirt in the water running down your RV.

Tip Two:

Clean AC Drains

Clean the RV's small gutters that drip water from air conditioners.  Dirt in these gutters will cause black streaks.

Tip Three:

Proper Storage

f you store your RV for the winter, also consider investing in an RV cover to prevent black streaks.

About The Author

Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted. 

- Enid Blyton

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