Decoding RV Model Numbers

Ever wondered what those letters at the end of RV models mean? They're not random; they're clues to the RV's layout!

Understanding RV Floorplans

Model letters like "RK" for Rear Kitchen and "FL" for Front Living reveal the design of your potential home-on-wheels.

Bunkhouse or King Bed? Know Your RV Abbreviations

"BH" stands for Bunkhouse, perfect for families, while "K" or "KB" indicates a luxurious King Bed.

Special Features Decoded

Discover unique RV features through codes like "DS" for Dual Suite and "ML" for Mid Living for ultimate comfort.

Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

Models with "OK" signify an Outdoor Kitchen, making your camping experience even more enjoyable.

Work and Play in Your RV

With abbreviations like "O" for Office, find the perfect balance between work and leisure in your traveling home.

Maximize Space with Slide-Outs

Look for an "S" in the model number, indicating the RV has slide-outs for extra living space.

Lightweight Traveling

"SL" stands for Super Lite, ideal for adventurers who prefer towing with a smaller truck or SUV.

Sleeping Options Galore

From "TB" for Twin Beds to "QB" for Queen Beds, choose the sleeping arrangement that best fits your needs.

Find Your Perfect RV

Armed with knowledge of RV model abbreviations, you're now ready to shop for the RV that fits your dream lifestyle!