Road Trip Hacks for Kids

Keep your kids happy and entertained on your RV road trip or long drive! By: Travels with Ted

Sightseeing while driving is one of the best parts of any road trip. If you stay on the interstate, the roadside views will be pretty boring.

Get Off the Interstate

While we usually try to eat healthy snacks on road trips, sometimes candy is just more fun.

Pack Fun Snacks

These washable markers made specifically for car windows are sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Draw on the Windows

Give your child a disposable camera or let them use your digital camera to take pictures of their favorite sights along the way.

Take Photos

Pack a glass mason jar and have your kids fill it with one-half inch of sand or dirt from every stop along the way

Start a Sand (or Snow) Jar

These fun would you rather questions are an easy way to pass time on a road trip with kids or adults!

Play Games

Swipe up for 200 Fun Questions to Ask your Kids on your Next Road Trip. Plus Educational Road Trip Trivia