BY: Travels with Ted The RV & road Trip Experts June 10 2023

5 Must Have Road Trip Necessities you Can't Forget!

Air Compressor

A portable air compressor costs around $100 but is essential for any long road trip!  Make sure your tires are always safe!

torque wrench

Another tire gadget that every road tripper should own is a torque wrench. The lug nuts on an RV or car must be torqued after replacing a tire

road atlas

There are still many places without cell service. All road trippers need an old school road atlas to help guide them when apps are not working.

Power Station

Many road trippers spend a large portion of their time camping . A portable power station allows campers to power their phones, laptops and more!

CAR desk

A car desk provides a comfortable place to work inside  your vehicle when the elements are not cooperating to work outside.

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