DIY RV & Camper Tool Kit

Travels with Ted; Jan 2022

Start with the Basics

Purchase a  basic household tool kit with hammers, screwdrivers , wrenches and ratchets. 

Also buy a rubber mallet, which is like a hammer but is less destructive and great for removing wheel chocks

A telescoping ladder is the biggest item in your tool kit, but it will fold down to just 3 feet for storage

Add Specialty Tools 

A tank rinser is needed for annual water heater maintenance on your camper or RV. 

Get a PEX crimping tool to fix broken or damaged clamps on RV plumbing lines

Get both coil cleaner and a coil comb to properly service your RV's air conditioner. 

Next up

RV Maintenance Checklist: A Free RV Maintenance Schedule


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