All About RV Camping in Walmart Parking Lots

By: Travels with Ted

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From the website: "We do permit RV parking....Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability and local laws."

Corporate Policy

Follow these basic RV camping etiquette rules whenever you are camping at Walmart or other retail stores.


Ask First

As in Walmart’s official corporate policy, all RV campers should request permission from the store manager before staying the night.

It's Not a Campsite

Campers should only use Walmart to rest and then move on. Therefore, campers should not pull out chairs, grill or otherwise set up camp.

Slides in

In an effort to minimize the amount of space your RV occupies, keep your slide outs pulled in while camping overnight at Walmart.

No Dumping

Some new campers mistakenly think that gray water is clean and can be dumped in parking lots or other open areas. This is absolutely untrue.

About The Author

Christina is a full-time RVer who travels across the country with her dog, Ted and Cat, Mr. Man.

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