How Does RV Camping Compare to Hotel Stays?

By: Travels with Ted

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Most RV parks with amenities, such as swimming pools, cost around $50 per night, much cheaper than a hotel. 

Nightly Fee

To make RVing even cheaper than a hotel vacation, find a free boondocking campsite with great views!



Fuel will cost more on an RV trip because RVs get worse gas mileage than standard vehicles. Expect only 8 to 12 miles per gallon. 


RVs allow you to cook, store and re-heat food, while most hotel visitors will have to east out. 

Loyalty Programs

While hotels offer loyalty programs, RV clubs allow you to access unlimited free stays with an annual membership fee. 


One major benefit of hotel stays is that they don't require dumping a smelly black water tank. 

1. Harvest Hosts

2. Casinos

3. Cracker Barrel

Camp on a farm or a vineyard!

Camp for free and gamble!

Breakfast and camping!

Free Overnight RV Camping options

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