RV  Refrigerator Maintenance

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Extend the life of your RV fridge with these RV refrigerator maintenance tips.

The Basics

RV refrigerators should be inspected and maintained at least once each year to keep them functioning properly. 

Check Frost

Check the fridge's cooling fins for frost. If there is a thick layer of frost the RV fridge should be defrosted.


If needed, prepare the fridge for defrosting by cleaning the food out and storing it elsewhere.


Turn the fridge off, open the doors and wait for all ice inside to melt.  It will likely take up to 24 hours. 

Soak Water Up

Use towels to soak up all the water and excess moisture in the fridge. The fridge should be dry before proceeding.

Turn On

Turn the fridge on, clean the inside, close the doors and allow it to cool before putting food back inside.


Use a pan of warm water inside the fridge to speed up the defrosting process. Just place it in the bottom of the fridge.


Never use a hair dryer or any sharp tools to melt ice faster. These may damage the cooling fins or other fridge parts. 

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