RV Dry Camping Gear

Purchase these essential RV camping items before your first RV dry camping or boondocking trip!

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Lithium Batteries

Many frequent boondockers chose to upgrade to more energy-efficient lithium ion batteries that stay charged longer.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are an easy and effective way to charge RV batteries as long as there is sunlight.

RV Generator

Generators allow RVers to power their 120 volt appliances without plugging into shore power.

Portable Shower

Avoid taking shows in the RV. Instead shower outside in natural water sources or using a portable shower bag.

Water Jugs

To save the water in your fresh water tank, bring extra jugs of water to use for drinking and rinsing hands.

Electric Cooler

Instead of driving to the store and buying bags of ice or using your precious water to make ice, consider buying an electric cooler.

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