6 Genius RV Insurance Tips for Campers & Full-Timers

By: Travels with Ted, The RV Camping Experts Created: August 16th, 2023

If you plan to RV full-time, you need a special policy for full-timers. You also want a policy that covers your stuff inside the RV.

Full-Time Insurance

RV owners should call at least 10 different insurance companies for quotes to get the best available coverage at the best price.

Re-Price Every Year

Look for discounts! FMCA members get discounts on RV insurance, pet insurance and many other RV products,

Get Discounts

The domicile (residency state) of full-time RVers will impact where they can purchase insurance and what their insurance will cost.

Shop in your Domicile

Full-time RVers also need to consider how the will obtain health insurance. Swipe up to learn about their options!

Health Insurance

All RV campers should consider emergency coverage for travel, such as Good Sam's Travel Assist program. 

Emergency Coverage

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