RV Living Budget

Learn how much RV living actually costs and create your own RV life budget.

Campground fees are one of the biggest expense for nay RVers.  

Learn how to budget for RV campground fees.

Camping Fees


Boondocking on BLM or other public land is completely free. 


State Parks

State parks are a great mid-range option. They typically charge $30 per night.


RV Resorts

RV resorts offer amenities like pools, but often charge over $50 per night.


RV and tow vehicle loan payments are another huge cost for full-time RVers.

Here are 2 ways to have an affordable payment.

RV Loans

Buy Used

RVs depreciate as soon as they leave the lot. Buy a used RV, but invest in an inspection.


Buy a Small Trailer

Small travel trailers are the most affordable RVs on the market and can be towed without a big truck.


RV living involves several other regular expenses.

Here are 3 more RV living costs to include in your budget.

Other Expenses

Fuel Costs

Fuel is a huge expense for all RVers. Travel slow to reduce monthly fuel costs.



Propane is used for heating, cooking and hot water. Budget will depend on weather.



For full-timers, storage units can be another big expense. Try to sell stuff and limit storage.


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