A Guide to RV Camping Memberships

Learn about all of the camping memberships that save RV owners money on camping fees.

Thousand Trails: Zone Pass

The zone camping pass is the entry level Thousand Trails membership level.  The pass allows campers to stay up to 14 nights for free at campgrounds in their zone.

Thousand Trails: Elite Basic

Elite Basic members have access to Thousand Trails campgrounds all over the country, and can stay up to 21 nights for free at each campground.

Harvest Hosts Memberships

A classic membership includes camping at all wineries, breweries farms and other attractions. Upgraded memberships also include camping at golf courses.

Good Sam RV Club

Good Sam is a popular RV discount club that offers a discount at a huge number of RV Parks across the nation.  The majority of the discounts are only 10% off the nightly rate.

The Passport America membership program is similar to Good Sam, offering a discount on nightly rates.  Their discount is much larger at 50%

KOA offers a rewards program where campers save 10% off the nightly rate at all KOA campgrounds and RV Parks.

Coast to Coast RV resorts is a network of RV resorts across the country. They have hundreds of RV parks where members camp for a discounted rate (typically $10 per night).

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