Tiny Houses vs. RVs

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Are tiny houses or Recreational Vehicles better for full-time living and  travel?

Pros of Tiny Houses

Learn why some travelers and minimalists prefer custom tiny homes over RVs and campers.

One of the main reasons many nomads and minimalists prefer a tiny homes vs an RV is the ability to completely customize the interior design.

Also consider local regulations on what type of dwellings can be utilized on residentially-zoned land. In many cases, these zoning regulations ban permanently parking RVs

Pros of Recreational Vehicles

Learn why others travelers and minimalists prefer RVs over tiny houses.

The average price of anew 24 foot travel trailer is $23,000. On the other hand, the average price of a tiny home with wheels is just under $60,000.

RV motorhomes and travel trailers are definitely superior to tiny homes when it comes to travels capabilities.

Interested in RV living? 

Read our RV Shopping guide to select the best tiny house on wheells for your family

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