RV Repair Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Easy tricks to fix common V issues without calling a repair shop!

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Winterizing Tip

Remove and clean the aerator screens on faucets after winterizing and before de-winterizing to prevent clogs.

Thermostat Fix

When you've accidentally changed it to show Celsius readings, simply press the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time to change it back.

Defrost Fridge

If your RV fridge isn't cooling well, checking the cooling fins for ice.  If  there is build-up, defrost the fridge. 

Tank Valves

Regularly lubricate the handles to your holding tank valves to prevent them from sticking.

Photograph Slides

Take pictures under each slide out. Then, when wires become loose or unattached, you will know exactly how to re-secure them.

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