RV Roof Maintenance

A step by step guide to proper RV roof maintenance to prevent water damage & other issues.

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Visually Inspect the Roof

Every few months, visually inspect seals along the roof’s edges, around air vents, vent pipes and screw heads. Look for cracks, chips and thinning sealant.

Use Lap Sealant

Use our recommended best RV sealant: Dicor Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. Put the sealant tube into a caulk gun, and apply it over the old sealant.

Remove Old Sealant?

Only remove old sealant that has bubbled up. Old lap sealant that is just cracked or thinned can be left in place.

Clean the AC

While you are inspecting the roof, also make sure to inspect and clean the rooftop air conditioning units

Removing Snow

If snow falls on your RV, it should be carefully removed to prevent damage to your RV. Just a few inches of snow can easily cause roof damage.

Prevent Black Streaks

To prevent black streaks, keep your RV’s roof clean. If there is no dirt on the roof, then there won’t be dirt in the rain water running down your RV.

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