Maintain your RV Like a Pro

Follow these easy RV maintenance tips and tricks to keep your motorhome or travel trailer in tip top shape.

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Fix RV Seals Often!

Properly maintaining and repairing exterior and roof seals is a key component of proper RV maintenance

Painters' Tape Sealant Hack!

Use painters' tape to create clean sealant lines around windows, storage bays and doors

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Always Use the Right Sealant

Cap sealant is used around windows and doors. Lap sealant is used on the roof. 

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Maintain RV Appliances

Appliances are another major aspect of regular RV maintenance. Clean the AC, water heater and furnace. 

Air Conditioner

Get on the roof of the RV at least once each year to clean and inspect your RV's AC units!

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Water Heater

Your RV's water heater also needs to be cleaned, drained and inspected at least once each year. 

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