Summer RVing: How to Stay Cool & Beat the Heat

By: Travels with Ted Learn how to beat the heat in your RV this summer.

Stay Cool while RV Boondocking

These tips to keep an RV cool in summer do not require require being plugged into shore power.

Covering the windows with reflective insulation prevents the sun shining through the window. The insulated material is more effective than regular curtains.

Cover Windows

Parking with your entry door facing east will allow you to have afternoon shade on that side of the RV.

Park the Right Way

Avoid heating up your RV in the first place by cooking outside.  Also avoid taking hot showers inside the RV!

Cook Outside

Stay Cool with RV Hookups

Learning how to keep an RV cool in summer is easier for campers plugged into shore power at the campground.

RV air conditioners will only work efficiently if they are properly maintained. Start RV A.C. maintenance by regularly cleaning the filters.

Clean the AC Filters

For RV owners who plan to use 30-amp or 20-amp connections, a SoftStart RV allows more air conditioner usage with less power.

Use a SoftStart

Another simple way to control to temperature in your RV is to keep unused rooms closed off.

Close Unused Rooms

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See our complete list of 30 ways to keep your RV cool during summer with or without shore power!

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