Simple Hacks for RV Travel 

By: Travels with Ted

Child safety locks are an ingenious solution for securing RV cabinet doors during travel.

1. Child Locks

To clear clogs, pour one cup of Dawn detergent down the shower drain. Boil water in your largest pot and pour the water down the shower drain.

2. Shower Clogs

When camping in cool weather, managing condensation is a priority. Running a dehumidifier is one effective way to remove condensation.

3. Condensation

Remove and clean the aerator screens on RV faucets after winterizing and before de-winterizing to prevent clogs from debris in the lines.

4. Winterizing Hack

Every RV owner should take pictures under slide outs. Then, when wires become loose, you will know exactly how to re-secure them.

5. Photograph Slides

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