Simple Troubleshooting Guide for RV Water Heater Issues

Here are 5 easy fixes for common RV hot water heater issues!

Check the Power

Before looking at the water heater itself, check your power sources including the campsite box and the breaker inside the RV.

Reset the ECO

RV water heaters have an emergency cut off (ECO).  If this switch is tripped you can reset it to get the water heater working again.

Check the Bypass

If you are getting cold or lukewarm water in your RV, double-check that the water heater is not being bypassed.

Replace Check Valve

If no (or very little) water is coming out of the hot water faucets in your RV (but cold water works) your check valve is likely the culprit.

Read your Owner’s Manual

Your RV water heater’s owner’s manual likely has a troubleshooting section. Read this guide to find any common issues that are specific to your model.

READ MORE: Read the complete troubleshooting guide to learn more simple fixes for your RV water heater problems.

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