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These fun S'more recipes variations are perfect to make on the 4th of July, whether you are camping or making a fire at home

Don’t like marshmallows? No problem. Roast a banana over the campfire instead. It's vegetarian!

1. Banana smores

2. PBC S'more

A simple way to upgrade your s’more recipe is to swap out the traditional Hershey with a peanut butter cup.

Start with two vanilla wafers, spread lemon curd on one, and then toast a marshmallow to place in the middle.

3. Lemon S'mores

4. cookie s'mores

A simple but super tasty s’more upgrade? Replace the graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies.

Place the classic fillings (a toasted marshmallow and a chocolate bar) inside a croissant. Smush together. Then enjoy the buttery, melty goodness!

5. Croissant s'mores

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