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Dog Friendly 


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

- Quote from photographer and writer, Roger Caras

Acadia National Park has over 100 miles of hiking trails where dogs are allowed. Campgrounds are also dog-friendly.

1. Acadia

2. Grand Canyon

While dogs are not allowed inside the canyon, they are able to explore all 13 miles of the Rim Trail on the South Rim.

One of our newest national parks, White Sands loves dogs. Dogs can play and hike the dunes!

3. White Sands

4. petrified forest

Petrified Forest National Park is another great dog friendly vacation. Within in the park, dogs are allowed everywhere except inside of buildings.

Another dog friendly national park is Shenandoah. Over 90% of the hiking trails are open to dogs and the campgrounds are also pet friendly.

5.  Shenandoah

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