The Best 5th Wheel Hitch for Easy Towing

Learn all about the best hitch for towing a 5th wheel RV camper! By: Travels with Ted

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The Best 5th Wheel Hitch

Andersen hitches are the best 5th wheel hitches because they have a high towing capacity, but are lightweight and easy to remove from the truck bed when not in use.


Weighing just 40 pounds, one person can easily remove and re-install the hitch as needed.

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Grease Free!

Another great feature of Andersen hitches is the greaseless coupler. No grease required before hitching up!

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More 5th Wheel RV Accessories

After getting the perfect hitch, also buy these other essential fifth wheel RV camping accessories.

Leveling Blocks

Weighing just 40 pounds, one person can easily remove or re-install the hitch when the pickup bed is needed for other tasks.

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Power Adaptors

These adapters convert your RV's power from 50 to 30 amp or vice versa so you can camp at any RV park.

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