The Best Kid-Free Campgrounds

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Check out these amazing RV parks and campgrounds that were made for adults to relax without kids!

4 Paws Kingdom

As the name suggests, 4 Paws Kingdom is a campground built for the dogs. 4 Paws caters specifically to dogs and their adult companions.

Creekwood Resort

Located in the north Georgia mountains, Creekwood Resort is designed to offer a quiet camping experience for adults.


While Edge-O-Dells is kid-free, it’s not a quiet place. The resort hosts regular live music performances, and there is a bar and restaurant.

Potter’s Place

Nestled in a wooded valley, Potter’s Place is a part of the grounds of a 19th century New England homestead and an operating tree farm.

Wild Duck Campground

Last, but not least is Wild Duck Campground and RV Park. Located in southern Maine, this campground only allows adults 21 years of age or older.

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