RV Travel to Baja, Mexico

Learn everything you need to know about traveling to Baja, Mexico in an RV!

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Step 1: Prepare to Cross the Border

Here are key things to know, do and buy before crossing the Mexico border in your RV.

RV campers must also acquire documentation before crossing the border, including passports, an  FMM tourist card and Mexican car insurance.

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The Gear

RVing in Baja requires some special gear, including drinking water jugs, an extra gas can and a 15-amp power adapter.

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Buy THIS Guidebook

Camping Mexico's Baja is a must have book for RVers. It provides detailed routes and campground reviews.

Step 2: Drive the RV to Baja

Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your RV road trip in Baja, Mexico!

Plan short travel days and drive slow! Most Baja highways are only two lanes with no shoulder.  Use your left turn signal to let others behind you know it is safe to pass.

Baja< Mexico has a range of camping options, but all RVers should stop at Bahía Concepción, easy access beach camping with the best views!

Pets can also join you in Baja, just bring their records and rabies certificate.  Also bring food from the U.S. which may be hard to find in Mexico. 

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