The Future of RVing: 5 RV Trends to Know About

Made By: Travels with Ted The RV Camping Experts September 12th, 2023

The last few years, RV manufacturers have focus on modernizing interiors.  Swipe up to see the best 2023 RV interiors!

Outdated Interiors are a Thing of the Past!

Many new RVs have built-in work stations or even entire offices designed for digital nomads!

Built-In Workspaces

Front living is the coolest new floor plan in fifth wheel RVs.  Swipe up to see these super cozy RVs!

Front Living Layouts

5th wheels & travel trailers are getting larger and larger with some even having two full bedroom suites. Swipe up to see these monster RVs.

Bigger is Better for New RVS

RVs are getting solar and generator upgrades for off-grid camping.  Swipe up to see the best RVs with alternate power sources!

More Off-Grid Features

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