The Perfect Route 66 Road Trip

By: Travels with Ted Learn how to plan the perfect route 66 RV road trip!

Route 66 is the most iconic RVing route. It covers over 2,400 miles, starting in Chicago and ending at Santa Monica, California.

The Route

For the classic experience, I would recommend sticking to the western half. Start your in Amarillo, TX and drive all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Route

There are tons of campgrounds on the route. Use this amazing RV road trip planner to schedule your stops.

Where to Stay?

RVs are the best road trip vehicles! If you do not already own an RV, it is best to rent a rig for your first RV road trip.

What if I Don't Habe an RV?

Plan ahead and budget for expensive fuel costs. Swipe up for apps and driving tricks to save!

How Much Will Fuel Cost?

Print these 250 fun road trip questions and trivia games to pass the time on your long drive!

Pass Time on the Road

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