The Ultimate Road Trip Companion: A Good Book

Embark on unforgettable journeys from the comfort of your hammock or RV. Discover 14 books that promise adventure and laughter on the road.

Travels with Charley – Steinbeck's Classic

Join Steinbeck and his poodle on a quest to rediscover America. A heartwarming memoir that inspires travelers to explore and connect.

Grounded – A Humorous Global Odyssey

Laugh and learn with Seth Stevenson as he circumnavigates the globe without flying. A reminder to enjoy the journey.

Blue Highways – Off the Beaten Path

William Least Heat-Moon's adventure on America's backroads. Inspired to take the road less traveled and find beauty in the overlooked.

A Walk in the Woods – Hiking with Humor

Bill Bryson's hilarious trek through the Appalachian Trail. An inspiring mix of comedy and nature that encourages hitting the trails.

In a Sunburned Country – An Australian Adventure

Travel through Australia with Bill Bryson, discovering its beauty and dangers. A journey filled with humor and awe-inspiring landscapes.

On the Road – Kerouac's Beat Classic

Experience the freedom and fervor of the 1950s with Jack Kerouac. A novel that captures the essence of road tripping and self-discovery.

Station Eleven – Post-Apocalyptic Exploration

Journey through a pandemic-ravaged world with a traveling symphony. Emily St. John Mandel crafts a tale of survival and the enduring human spirit.

More Great Road Trip Reads

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