Gift Ideas for Campervan Owners

Travels with Ted shares their favorite gift ideas for van lifers. Start your holiday shopping today!

Having a separate pair of bedroom slippers is not realistic for van life, but comfy pair of indoor/outdoor slippers is perfect.

1. Outdoor Slippers

Give van owners the gift of experience with a Harvest Hosts membership. Members camp for free at wineries, breweries & farms.

2. Harvest Hosts 

While space is limited in a campervan, it is important to have a full set of basic tools to handle inevitable issues and repairs.

3. Compact Tool Box

Having clean, safe drinking water is always important. However, installing a large water filtration system is not feasible in most small vans.

4. Filtering Water Bottle

Many van owners choose not to put a TV in their home. However, a mini projector can create the ultimate drive-in movie experience.

5. Movie Projector

A portable power station allows digital nomads to power their phones and laptops while working off the grid.

6. Portable Power Station

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