Camper Steps and Other Awesome RV Mods

Here are five awesome mods and upgrades for motohomes and campers!

Upgraded Entry Stairs

Torklift’s Glow Step Revolution is a folding RV stair set with four steps and a top of the line adjustable height system that keeps campers safe even on rough terrain.

Efficient Shower Head

The Oxygenics PowerBlast RV Shower Head provides a refreshing shower experience, but still offers an efficient flow rate.

Efficient Cooling

A SoftStart RV allows more air conditioner usage with less power. The gadget creates a very smooth start that reduces the peak current by 50 to 70 percent.

Keyless Lock

RVLock makes an easy-to-install keyless entry system for RVs. The RVLock includes a secure keyless door handle with a keypad and a remote fob.

Cat Perch

DIY a cat perch using a floating bookshelf to create a custom window seat for your cat or small dog!