What is RV Boondocking?

Tips by: Travels with Ted

Learn everything you need to know to go dry camping in an RV or camper.

What is RV Boondocking?

Boondocking is when you find a place in nature, outside of a developed campground, to park your RV. Common boondocking locations include beaches and public lands.

Shower Outside

Remember to always use biodegradable soap whether showering with a bag or in a river.


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Wipe Dishes

Dry wiping dishes with a rag means way less water is used to scrub pots, pans and plates.


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Bring Extra h20

Bring extra water for drinking in BPA-free, food grade 5 gallon water containers. Then use water in the tank for everything else.


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Use Solar power

Solar is the simplest way to recharge your RV or camper batteries and keep the RV lights and small electronics working or invest in a big set-up and run your AC!


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Know the Rules

Respect stay limits and only camp in designated dispersed camping areas. Don't create new campsites.


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Find camping

Use the Campendium and iOverlander apps to find amazing boondocking and dry camping campsites.


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