What is an RV Honey Wagon?

Learn the pros and cons of using an RV honey wagon and decide if you would hire one. By: Travels with Ted

An RV honey wagon is a dump station on wheels. A honey wagon is either a truck or trailer with a large tank, a pump and hoses designed for waste removal.

What is an RV Honey Wagon?

The biggest downside of using an RV honey wagon is the potential for your holding tanks to accumulate waste buildup. 

Con 1: Incomplete Cleaning

Depending on your location, RV honey wagon services may be quite expensive. At music festivals and other events, we have been charged $50

Con 2: Money

The main benefit of using an RV honey wagon service is the convenience. If the dump station comes to you, then you don’t have to move your RV.

Pro 1: Convenience

RV honey wagons are also a responsible way to empty both your black and gray holding tanks.

Pro 2: Legal and Responsible

Portable holding tanks and locl dump stations are the 2 alternatives to a honey wagon.  At dump stations, always ensure to flush tanks thoroughly. 

Alternatives to RV Honey Wagons

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