FMCA RV Club: A Complete Guide 

Learn all about the FMCA RV membership which provides community and resources for RV campers!

FMCA Overview

FMCA, or the Family Motor Coach Association, is an RV organization dedicated to supporting RV owners.

FMCA RV Club Benefits

Probably the most valuable benefit included with an FMCA membership, FMCAssist provides emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.

FMCA RV Club Benefits

FMCA Tech Connect+ is an exclusive data plan offering for FMCA members. The plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot data from AT&T.

FMCA RV Club Benefits

An FMCA membership also includes several discounts on RV products and services. One popular discount benefit is the FMCA RV Tire Savings program.

Membership Requirements

The Family Motor Coach Association was originally open only to motorhome owners. However, in 2017 the organization opened to all owners of self-contained RVs.

Membership Price

Full/Family memberships cost $60 for the first year and $50 per year after that. The first year price includes a $10 initiation fee.

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