RPI RV Club: A Complete Guide 

Learn all about the RPI RV membership which provides camping discounts to RV owners.

RPI RV Club Benefits

The main benefit of a membership is paying only $10 per night for camping at RPI and RPI Preferred resorts.

RPI RV Club Benefits

Members also receive other benefits, including 50% off rental accommodations at RPI properties.

RPI Preferred Membership

While most members can only stay up to 7 nights at each resort, preferred members can book 14 night stays for just $10 per night!

RPI Membership Cost

RPI does not publish their membership rates online. In order to obtain rates for a new membership, RVers must contact affiliated parks,

RPI and Thousand Trails

A 1 or 2 year RPI membership is included with an elite Thousand Trails membership.

Passport America Locations

There are approximately 150 RPI campgrounds and RPI Preferred Resorts located all over the United States.

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