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The RV Driving Rule You Should Be Following

The safe following distance is important for RV driving safety.

Safe Following Distance

Everyone driving or towing an RV should stay safe by practicing the Safe Following Distance Rule. 


Step One:

Calculate RV Length in Feet

Add up the length of your RV plus any tow vehicles to calculate your total length.

Step two:

Calculate Safe Distance

The general rule of thumb is to allow 1 second of following distance for every 10 feet of vehicle length.

Step three:

count while driving

Pick a landmark and count the seconds between the car in front of you and your RV reaching it.

Other RV Driving Tips

Here are more RV driving tips to keep your safe and happy during RV travel.

Section Two:

Tip one:

Fuel Stops

Flying J offers the best RV fuel stops with dedicated RV lanes and dump stations. 

Tip Two:

Tire Pressure

Always check tire pressure before hitting the road in your RV. The recommended tire pressure is noted on the sidewall of your tires.

Tip Three:

Securing cabinets

Child safety locks are an ingenious solution for securing RV cabinet doors during travel.

Final Thoughts

How lovely it must be to live in a house that has wheels and can go away down the lanes and through the towns, and stand still in fields at night.

- Enid Blyton

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