10 Reasons Nomads are Quitting RV Life

By: Travels with Ted Learn about the challenges forcing full-time RVers off the road!

One of the biggest challenges right now for full-time RVers is difficulty securing campground reservations.

Crowded Campgrounds

Negative human impacts on the land have caused officials to completely ban camping at many popular boondocking locations.

Less Boondocking

Most full-time RVers want to travel. However, fuel prices are making it impossible for some full-timers to afford long drives.

Increase in Fuel Prices

Something is always breaking in an RV. F or full-time RVers, a repair often means they need to temporarily move out of their home.

Repair Delays & Costs

While economic and industry changes drive many families to quit RV life, others drop out of the lifestyle for personal reasons.

Personal Reasons

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