100 Nuggets of wisdom from a Decade Living in an RV

Made By: Travels with Ted The RV Camping Experts January 30th, 2024

At first , we regularly counted the number of states and National Parks visited. However, we soon realized that enjoying the journey is better than checking off a list.

It's About the Journey

Bigger is not always better when it comes to RVs. Longer RVs are more difficult to drive, use more fuel and limit where you can stay.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Take it slow. By take it slow, I mean that RVers should literally drive slow and they should stay in one place for at least a few weeks.

Take it Slow

Full-time RVers always need to have some cash on hand during travel. We've  driven through cash-only toll booths and remote gas stations where the credit card machine was down.

Always Have Some Cash

Whether you are camping in the wilderness, at a state park or at a resort, you should leave your campsite as clean or cleaner than you found it.

Leave No Trace

Living the RV lifestyle definitely means we are on vacation more than the average family, but we still have to deal with all the realities of life.

RV Life Isn’t a Vacation

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