How Do Full Time RVers Get Mail? (4 Simple Strategies)

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Having an address and a mailbox is something you typically take for granted. However, receiving mail can be a complicated process when living in an RV. So how do full time RVers get mail?  Below is a detailed guide on 4 simple strategies for receiving and processing mail while traveling in an RV.

Mail Forwarding Services for Full Time RVers

There are several companies that offer full-time RVers a mailing address to receive letters and packages. RV mail forwarding services receive the mail and scan a copy of the envelope (or send a notification for packages).  Then, you can choose to receive a digital copy or have the parcels forwarded to your current location. Some mail services will also destroy junk mail or other items you do not need in hard copy.

When researching how full time RVers get mail, Escapees is often the answer. Escapees Mail Service is one of the most popular options for full time RV families. They offer mail receipt, scanning and forwarding for about $200 per year plus postage fees. Good Sam also offers a mail service for those living in an RV with similar rates.

Office of RV Mail Forwarding Services
Q; How Do Full Time RVers Get Mail? A: Mail Forwarding Services

When we first hit the road, we signed up for Escapees Mail Service, which provided us a Texas address for our mail. The Escapees service was easy to use and I loved the option to receive digital scans.  However, since the address provided was not our legal residence, we still had to receive important documents (tax forms, vehicle registration, etc) at another address.  

RV mail services work well for full time RV families who need someone to collect their mail. They also work better for RVers who plan to establish residence in one of the states where mail service is offered (Texas, Florida, South Dakota).

Mail Delivery at RV Parks

Most RV parks are happy to accept mail on your behalf and FedEx and UPS will deliver right to your site at some campgrounds.  When we order online packages or if friends want to send holiday cards, we provide the address of the park or campground where we are currently staying. 

How do full time RVers get mail
Q; How Do Full Time RVers Get Mail? A: RV Park Offices

Always ask permission from the office or campground host before anything is mailed to your campsite. There are some places, such as state parks, that won’t provide this service.  Only have mail sent after you arrive at the park. Then, make sure your site number and the name you used to register are included in the address. If a package arrives before you or is sent to another name, the park may toss it.

General Delivery at the Post Office

But, how do full time RVers get mail while boondocking?

If you need to receive a package while you are boondocking or staying at a campground that does not accept mail, the postal service’s general delivery is a great option. General delivery was created for people who are between addresses or do not have a permanent address.

Brick US Post Office Building
Q; How Do Full Time RVers Get Mail? A: General Delivery

Letters or packages addressed to general delivery are held at a local post office. Simply write “General Delivery” under your name, in place of the street address, and write in the city, state and zip code as you normally would. Letters or packages shipped to general delivery should be picked up quickly as the post office will only hold them for 10 to 15 days. To find the post office that handles general delivery in your location, call 1-800-ASK-USPS and request “Customer Service.”

Use a Family Member’s Address

Another great option to receive mail while living or traveling in an RV is to have it sent to family. Most family members won’t charge you for the service and you can still feel secure that you will not miss important documents.

After canceling our mail service, a very kind family member now receives most of our mail. We try to limit the burden of this service by setting all of our accounts to paperless and never giving the address to companies that might send junk mail.

Packages on door step
Q; How Do Full Time RVers Get Mail? A: Families’ Houses

If you are traveling in an RV for an extended period of time, but still live in a house, request a hold mail service from the postal service. The United States Postal Service will hold your mail at the local office up to 30 days.

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