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Who Are We?    

Hello! Welcome to Travels with Ted.

I’m Christina Pate, a seasoned full-time RVer, traveling the open roads with my husband, Justin, and our lovable dog, Ted. In May 2016, seeking more adventure in our lives, we took the leap, sold our house, and moved into an RV.

A few years into our travels, I launched Travels with Ted to share our travels and provide guidance to budding RV campers and families considering the RV lifestyle.

Christina and Justin of Travels with Ted posing in front of their RV.

During our full-time RV journey, we have traveled all over the country, and ventured into Canada and Mexico. Along the way, we’ve undertaken numerous RV renovations and DIY repairs, enhancing our firsthand knowledge of RV living.

Recognizing a need to further assist the RV community, Justin pursued formal education in 2020 and became a certified RV technician. We also regularly attend RV shows and other industry events, ensuring we’re always in tune with the latest trends.

We also developed the resources we wished we had in our early years of RV living. We authored an e-book titled The Owner’s Guide to RV Maintenance, offering straightforward instructions for routine RV upkeep. Additionally, we designed My RV Log Book to assist RV travelers in recording their campground stays, mileage and maintenance details

We cherish the opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences with fellow RVers. Whether you have questions about the RV lifestyle or just want to share your own stories, we’re here to listen.

Feel free to email me with with any inquiries, suggestions or simply to say hello!

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5 thoughts on “About Travels with Ted”

  1. Love your blog. Was interested in reading about people who had taken a 5th wheel to the Baja and you filled the bill. We are considering a trip there from B.C. to Cabo. We’re not sure when but maybe the fall and winter of 2022. We traveled extensively with our previous 5er: five months cross Canada and back, twice to the Yukon and all over B.C. and Alberta. One trip we’d definitely recommend is to Thompson, Manitoba. From there, take the train to Churchill, Manitoba and go kayaking with the 3500 Beluga Whales in the estuary. We did it June/July of 2015 via a circuitous route. Would love to go back in the winter to see polar bears. Safe travels to you.

  2. Christina,
    Just listened to your podcast on downsizing.
    Hubby and I are now starting our third month of full-time RVing.
    During our downsizing process we ran into the same problem a family heirlooms and photos we didn’t know what to do with.
    I found the perfect solution.
    I’d love to share with you what I figured out, especially as you mentioned that you were getting ready to empty your storage space!!!!


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