RV Loan Calculator: Estimate your 2024 Monthly RV Payments

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Wondering how much an RV will really cost you? Use our RV loan calculator to see what monthly RV loan payments would be in 2024.

RV Loan Calculator

How to Use the RV Loan Calculator

RV Price: Enter the price of the RV you plan to purchase

Down Payment: Enter the amount of your planned down payment.

Trade-In Value: If you are trading in another Rv, please enter the estimated trade-in value.

Sales Tax Rate: Put in the sales tax rate for your state. Leave blank if you do not wish to include sales tax in your loan. Enter the rate as a %. If the sales tax in your state is 7%, you can just enter 7.

Loan Amount: The amount of the loan will be automatically calculated. It is the RV price, minus the down payment payment and trade-in, plus sales tax.

Estimated Internet Rate: Enter the anticipated internet rate for your loan.

Loan Term: Enter the number of years of your loan term.

Once you determine what your RV will cost, use our RV living cost calculator to learn if the RV lifestyle fits your budget.

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