The Best RV Surge Protector (The Experts Agree!)

Woman plugging in RV power with surge protector.

If you’ve ever plugged your RV into shore power at a campground, you’ve probably wondered if you need a surge protector. The answer is a resounding yes! RV surge protectors can help protect your expensive RV electronics from damage caused by power surges, spikes and other electrical problems. So, what …

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25+ RV Christmas Decorations to Make your Camper Festive

RV Christmas Decorations

Celebrating Christmas in the cozy confines of your RV can be a uniquely delightful experience. However, RV’s small spaces and limited storage space make decorating for the holiday challenging. In this article, we share more than 25 RV Christmas decorations that will turn your home on wheels into a winter …

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RV Living Full Time: 100+ Tips to Make it Work

Full time RV living couple at campsite

My husband and I have lived in our fifth wheel RV since 2016. In our years traveling the country, we have learned endless lessons about how to make the RV lifestyle more affordable and less stressful. In this complete guide to RV living full time, I am sharing 100 important …

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41 Awesome RV Upgrades to Enhance your Travels

Fifth Wheel RV at State Park Campsite

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to RV upgrades, where we share 41 ways to enhance your travel experience. As seasoned full-time RVers, we understand the importance of optimizing your RV to ensure comfort, convenience and safety during your adventures. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview …

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20 Essential RV Cooking Tips and Tricks

Woman Chopping Food in RV Kitchen

One of the biggest perks of camping in an RV is traveling with your own kitchen. However, cooking in an RV is not always as easy as cooking dinner at home. Follow these 20 essential RV cooking tips to make sure your camping meals are a success! Planning RV-Friendly Meals …

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12 Big RV Camping Discounts for Veterans & Military

RV with American Flags Outside

RVs are a popular way for families to travel and explore the great outdoors. Many RV manufacturers, campgrounds and supply stores offer military and veteran discounts to show appreciation for the sacrifices military families make. My husband is a veteran, and utilizing RV military discounts has allowed us to save …

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