The Best RV Murphy Bed Mattress Replacement

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We are full-time RVers and we recently got a new travel trailer. In this new trailer, a Queen-size Murphy bed is the main bed. While we loved the Murphy bed floorplan for its flexible space, one thing was clear: the thin, under-stuffed mattress that came in our RV had to go!

After spending hours researching, I found the perfect replacement mattress for our travel trailer: the Dreamfoam Essential by RV Mattress. Keep reading to learn why the DreamFoam Essential is the best RV Murphy Bed Mattress Replacement!

The Best RV Murphy Bed Mattress

RV Murphy bed mattress replacement

The DreamFoam Essential is the best RV Murphy Bed mattress for the following reasons:

  • All Foam Design Folds up Easily
  • No Built-In Crease
  • Thin, but Firm
  • Super Affordable
  • Available in Every RV Mattress Size (22 Options!)
  • Has a 120-Day Trial Period

No convinced yet? Keep reading for our detailed review of this awesome RV mattress!

Save 25% on your RV Murphy Bed Mattress

Since I love our Dreamfoam Essential mattress so much, I wanted to share it with all of my readers. So, I reached out to RV Mattress and they gave me a discount code to share with you!

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Dreamfoam Essential RV Murphy Bed Mattress Review

We listed all the reasons, we love the Dreamfoam Essential as an RV Murphy bed mattress, but here is our full review for campers who want more information.

RV Murphy bed mattress folded up

Folds up Easily

While we needed a mattress that folds up into our Murphy bed, we did not want a mattress with a built-in crease or fold. When sleeping on the mattress that came with our RV, you could feel the mattress dip down under your back, where it was cut to fold. As you can imagine, this wasn’t exactly comfortable.

After speaking with other RVers who had used the Dreamfoam Essential with their own Murphy beds, we decided to give it a try.

We found that the mattress folded up easily on the first try, even though it wasn’t specifically designed for Murphy beds. After sleeping on the mattress for over a month, there is no visible crease where we fold it up. It is slightly heavier than the mattress that came with the RV, but still easy to lift.

Thin, but Firm

Since we are using our Dreamfoam Essential mattress for a Murphy bed, we decided to go with the thinnest option: a 6-inch inch mattress.

After sleeping on an 8-inch mattress (with a 2-inch topper) for several years in our last RV, I worried the 6-inch option was too thin. However, I’ve found the high-density foundation topped with 2-inches of memory foam to be super comfortable.

RV Mattress rates the Dreamfoam Essential as an 8 out of 10 on their firmness scale. The firm design ensures we don’t notice that the mattress is thinner than average beds.

Super Affordable

Another feature that sold me on this RV mattress was the price. Our queen-sisze mattress cost just $524. Yours will cost even less with our 25% off coupon code (enter Travelswithted at checkout).

Available in Every RV Mattress Size

Another reason, the Dreamfoam Essential is a great option for RVs and RV Murphy beds is the large range of size options. RV Mattress makes sizes to fit every bed from bunks to short queens to RV kings.

With 22 size options, there is a mattress for every RV bed!

Has a 120-Day Trial Period

Although the Dreamfoam Essential seemed like a great RV Murphy bed mattress, I was nervous to order it online without ever laying on it. However, they company’s 120-day trial period made me feel more confident in my purchase.

The policy states that they will refund your money (minus a $99 return fee) and help you dispose of the mattress. They aim to donate, recycle, or otherwise repurpose all returned mattresses. 

Now that you’ve found the perfect RV Murphy bed mattress, it is time to start making other upgrades to your RV. Check out our list of 40+ RV upgrades to make your camper safer and more comfortable!

Happy Camping!

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