Being a Good Campground Neighbor

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One of the joys of being on the road, is meeting new people from all over the country.  However, with the close proximity of sites and lack of privacy at RV parks, there are bound to be some tensions.  Here is a rant (I mean list) on how to be a good neighbor in your new surroundings.

1. Don’t share your blank tank: Don’t leave your black tank (or grey tanks) open.  I promise your neighbors aren’t interested in smelling everything every time you flush the toilet.  Leaving the tanks open is also just a bad idea in general, as your tanks are less likely to get clogged if you let them fill up and flush them out when dumping.  To the best of your ability, try to dump when your neighbors aren’t home.

2. Let the set-up process happen: I look forward to meeting neighbors at each new RV park, but often fellow campers will walk up and start asking questions before we’ve finished backing in.  Give your newest neighbors an hour or so to get set-up before you come over to hear their story.

3. Respect pets’ space too: We often have our cat, Mr. Man, in a kennel on our site.  More than one dog-owner has walked their dog right up to Mr. Man and informed us “My dog loves cats.”  Um. Okay….well our cat doesn’t really like your big dog.  With cats or dogs, if they’re not in group areas ask before introducing your furry friend.  Ted has made lots of friends on the road, but Mr. Man would prefer his space.

4. Be friendly: Meeting people is great part of RVing so do smile, wave to people and invite them over for a beer or a fire. If you don’t like to chat with people, you’re going to want to look for some remote boondocking spots

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