15 Best RV Cabinet & Drawer Latches for Secure Travel Days

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RV travel is a grand adventure, but unsecured RV cabinets can make a grand mess. That’s why it is important for RVers to secure cabinets and drawers before travel. Below are the 15 best RV cabinet and drawer latches.

Best RV Drawer and Cabinet Latches

Use these latches to keep kitchen cabinets and other RV cupboards secured on travel days.

Child Safety Straps

Latches and locks designed for childproofing are also a great way to secure RV cabinets and doors. One such product is a child safety strap. The strap attaches to the cabinet with adhesive, and then locks and unlocks as needed.

The downside to these straps is the appearance. Since the straps are left on the cabinet, they may be an eyesore in a renovated or modern RV.

Sliding Child Cabinet Lock

Another childproofing option that can be used as RV cabinet latches are sliding locks. These are the solution I personally use in our RV to secure cabinets on travel days. The locks simply slide through the cabinet handles to lock them for travel.

We love these locks because they do not require any permanent installation, and can be put away after travel. The locks are suitable for D-shaped handles and mushroom-shaped knobs, but they will not work as RV drawer latches.

Invisible Babyproofing Cabinet Latch Locks

Another great solution using babyproofing products is installing invisible cabinet locks. These RV cabinet latches are installed using an adhesive, so no tools are required.

These locks can work with any RV cabinet, and are made to handle at least 20 pounds of pull tension. They should be strong enough to keep most basic supplies contained, but may not be the best solution for cabinets storing heavy items.

Metal Safety Latch

The final childproofing solution on our list of the best RV cabinet latches is a metal safety latch. These latches are screwed into the cabinet door, and are simply pressed down to open the cabinets.

These heavy duty stainless steel latches are a great solution for RVs, but may be annoying to some travelers because they remain in place all the time. They can be used on both drawers and cabinets.

Pull Force Cabinet Latches

Pull force latches are designed to keep your RV cabinets and doors locked unless pulled with the force of 8 pounds, which is an typical adult pull strength. The latches are easily installed with the included mounting screws.

Most modern RVs come with pull force latches, so these are a perfect replacement for old or broken RV drawer and cabinet latches.

Roller Catch Latches

Roller catch latches work similarly to pull force latches, but have a slightly different design. They are also installed with screws, and keep the door closed unless a pulling force is applied. These latches will work for both cabinets and drawers.

Chrome Push Button Locks

Push button locks are another great RV cabinet latch solution. These locks are specifically designed for use in RVs and boats to keep doors shut during travel. Simply push the button in to securely lock the door.

The downside of these locks is that the installation requires more work. To install, RV owners need to drill a hole in the door to mount the lock. These chrome locks will match most typical RV interiors.

Black Push Button Locks

If you like the functionality of the push button locks, but prefer another color, these black fixtures are also available. These locks also require cutting a hole to mount the locks in place.

LouMaxx Magnetic Door Catch

LouMaxx door magnets are a magnetic cabinet latch perfect for use in RVs and travel trailers. The magnet and latch are screwed into place, and have a holding force of 10 pounds.

The magnetic latch can be used on cabinets or drawers, and are completely hidden when the doors are shut.

Vmaisi Adhesive Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Another magnetic latch option for RV cabinets, are the Vmaisi cabinet locks. These locks function similarly to the LouMaxx door magnets, except they are installed with adhesive instead of screws.

Closet Ball Tension Latch

Another great option for RV cabinet and drawer latches are closet ball tension latches. These solid brass latches are installed inside the door using screws.

The latch is spring loaded, so the tension can be adjusted to meet your needs. If your RV cabinet doors are opening too easily, simply adjust the tension using a screwdriver.

Oval Turn Cabinet Latch

For a secure cabinet closure with a classic look, consider these oval turn cabinet latches. The lock is easily installed on the outside of cabinet doors using the included screws.

These durable metal latches are available in brass, nickel or bronze to match the décor in any RV or motorhome.

Slam and Lift Latch

Designed for use in boats, these slam latches also worked great to keep RV cabinets and drawers secure on travel days. Slam latches automatically secure the doors when they are closed. Then, the door can be opened using the attached pull handle.

These latches do require having or cutting a hole in the door to mount the latch.

Encell Cupboard Knob Latch Lock

This cupboard knob lock is a unique but practical way to secure RV cabinet doors. The cupboard knobs replace the handles on your RV drawers or cabinets.

Once installed the cabinets can be locked by simply pressing the button in the middle of the knob.

Electronic Cabinet Lock

Last, but not least on our list of the best RV cabinet latches is an electronic cabinet lock. The lock is installed on the inside of the cabinet or drawer, so it is not visible when the door is shut.

The locks are opened using a programable RFID card, which can be programed to open multiple cabinet locks. This lock will secure your cabinets on travel days, and also protect valuable items from theft.

What to Look for in RV Cabinet Latches

Best RV cabinet latches
We chose these latches because they are removable and easy to use

There are a few key considerations when selecting the best RV cabinet latches for your RV.

Daily Use

When selecting RV cabinet latches, it is important to consider how often you use each cabinet and drawer. If you open a certain cabinet multiple times per day, you likely want to avoid babyproofing latches that have to be pushed down.


Another important consideration is the installation method. Latches installed with adhesive are simpler to install and will fit most cabinets, however, they may not be as durable as latches that are screwed in place.

If you are installing slam latches, push button latches or an oval turn lock you need to ensure the dimensions of your original knobs are no larger than the replacements.


Another important factor is the strength of the latch. A pull force latch may be sufficient to keep a drawer of kitchen utensils closed, but may not be appropriate to secure heavier items like appliances or liquor bottles.


Finally, you should consider the look of the cabinet latches and whether or not they are visible when the door is shut. After renovating our RV kitchen, we choose to use sliding baby locks that are easily removed and stored after travel days.

Thanks for reading our guide to the best RV cabinet latches. We hope you found the perfect solution for your RV.

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Happy Camping!

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