RV Dishes and Cookware: 16 RV Kitchen Must Haves

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Many of today’s RV models come equipped with functional kitchens where you can prepare gourmet meals on the road. However, RV kitchens still have limited counter and storage space that restrict the number of large appliances RVers can own.

After more than six years living in an RV, I have discovered which kitchen gadgets and accessories work best for RV cooking. Below are my 15 favorite RV dishes and cookware pieces that I recommend every camper purchase before hitting the road.

Once you have all the right cookware, start meal planning with our favorite RV camping food ideas. If you are new to RVing, also check out our complete guide to cooking in an RV.

RV Cookware

Every camper needs basic cookware in their RV. When purchasing RV dishes and cookware, look for smaller pieces with nonstick coating that are easy to stack and store.

Nesting Cookware Set

This ceramic nonstick set includes perfectly sized pots and pans for RV cooking. The nesting design and removable handle allow for easy storage in a compact space. The set is available in cute colors including emerald green and bright red

Small Baking Pans

In addition to pots and pans, no kitchen is complete without a nice set of bakeware. However, most standard sized cookie sheets and casserole dishes will not fit in an RV oven.

Therefore, this slightly undersized, stackable set is an essential piece of RV cookware. The set includes a muffin pan, cookie sheet, roast pan and cooling sheet.

Nesting Bowl Set

This nesting set includes nine essential RV kitchen essentials in one compact solution. The colorful set includes mixing bowls, sieve, colander, measuring cups and spoons. The set is also lightweight which is an important consideration when stocking an RV kitchen.

RV Dishes

RV dishes and cookware will be subjected to bouncing and bumping as your RV travels down the road, so RV dishes need to be sturdy and unbreakable.

Camping Mugs

Non-breakable, lightweight enamel mugs are the perfect drinkware for RV living. When traveling or living tiny, multi-purpose items are key, so we use mugs for coffee, water and wine!

If you need help finding the perfect coffee pot for your RV, check out our eight favorite RV coffee makers.

Unbreakable Drinking Glasses

If you prefer RV dishes and cookware that are more traditional, consider these unbreakable drinking glasses instead of camping mugs.

Made of ultra-durable plastic these drinking glasses are virtually indestructible. Purchase a set of six tall water glasses or short lowball glasses.

Bamboo Plates

Like your RV drinkware, your dinnerware also needs to be made of a lightweight, non-breakable material.

This bamboo plate and bowl set by Lekoch is a great option for RV travel. The plates are durable, easy to clean and come in several cute colors and patterns.

RV Appliances

Most RV kitchens only have enough storage for one or two full-sized appliances. Think about which appliances you use most often and only bring the top choices into your RV. We personally travel with a coffee maker, but forego all other typical, counter top appliances.

Magic Bullet

This mini blender is the perfect solution for RV cooking. Although, it is about half the size of a normal blender it has the same functionality.

We use our Magic Bullet to make everything from smoothies to soups. The blender also includes several cups that you can use to serve or store your blended creation.

Camping Toaster

If toast is a normal part of your breakfast routine, this stove top toaster is a perfect solution for RVs.

Simply place up to four slices of bread on the device and toast indoors on the stove or outdoor over the campfire. After use, simply fold the toaster flat for compact storage.

If you want to cook more than just toast over the campfire, check out our list of the best campfire cooking sets.

RV Kitchen Accessories

Once you have the basic RV dishes and cookware, it is time to start adding some fun and practical accessories to your RV kitchen.

Drying Rack

RV cooking means hand washing dishes, so a drying rack is an essential accessory. This over the sink drainer is the perfect solution for a tiny space.

The drying rack fits over the sink so it does not require counter space while in use. As a bonus, it also collapses flat for easy storage.

Travel Utensils

This portable utensil set is perfect for eating on the go. Buy one for each member of your family and keep them handy on travel days, so you never have to use plastic utensils or straws.

Check out our guide to eco-friendly RV living for more tips on how to be good to the planet while traveling.

RV Kitchen Storage

Storage solutions may be the most important category of RV kitchen supplies. Practical storage solutions are an important part of any tiny home, but they are even more crucial for RVers who need everything to stay secure during travel.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Every top chef needs a well stocked spice rack. Magnetic spice jars are a great solution for RV kitchens.

These tins come with base plates that can be installed on any wall or on the inside door of a cabinet. Labels are also included, so you can easily identify spices when cooking.

Click here for more awesome RV spice rack ideas.

Knife Mat

An in-drawer mat is perfect for storing your knives while traveling in an RV. Many RVers recommend magnetic knife strips, but I prefer to keep them in a drawer so they are better secured during travel. This lightweight mat can hold up to 11 knives.

Over Door Rack

This over the door rack is a great way to add storage space to any RV cabinet. Simply hang the rack over any cabinet door to create a vertical storage space for cutting boards and baking sheets.

Stackable Shelves

Removable shelves allow you to expand and reconfigure your cabinet storage space as needed. These shelves can be stacked, nested or connected side to side to accommodate any size RV dishes and cookware.

Other RV Kitchen Supplies

Counter Extension

Many RV kitchens have extremely limited counter space for prep work. Luckily, it is easy to add an additional foot of counter space, with this extension.

The extension is secured to your current counter by a metal drop-leaf table brace. It folds down when not in use, so you do not have to block doors or walkways.

Stove Cover

Another way to add counter space is with a wooden stove cover. Simply place the cover over the stove to add another work space when your burners aren’t in use.

The cover can be personalized with your family name for a special touch. See our full list of personalized RV accessories and décor here.

stove cover

With all of the above RV dishes and cookware, you should be ready to whip up a fantastic meal on the road.

Once your RV cabinets are stocked with essential kitchen gear, purchase RV cabinet latches to keep them shut on travel days.

Are there any other cooking supplies that you can’t travel without? Let us know what we missed in the comments below.

Happy Camping!

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